Flowering Trees to Plant in Your Kentucky Yard This Spring

Flowering Trees to Plant in Your Kentucky Yard This Spring


One of the most iconic sights of spring is the breathtaking view of flowering trees popping up in our neighborhoods and around town. While seeing these trees as you go about your daily life is lovely on its own, it doesn’t compare to having one for your home. But as with anything involving your landscaping, deciding what kind of tree to plant in your yard is a big decision, and one that requires a bit of background information on the tree you are intending to plant. With this in mind, let the tree experts at The Tree Man in Lexington, Kentucky tell you about the kinds of flowering trees you could plant in your yard this spring.

Serviceberry Tree

The Serviceberry tree is native to Kentucky, and has always been a part of how Kentuckians have recognized that spring has arrived. In fact, it earned its name because the blooms of the Serviceberry tree signaled that roads were clear of winter impediments, allowing traveling ministers to navigate Appalachia safely. In the spring, it produces lovely white blossoms.

Eastern Redbud

Another constant presence in Kentucky in the springtime, the Eastern Redbud is true to its name, as its incoming buds are a beautiful deep red color. But, more than the buds themselves, the Eastern Redbud had gorgeous hot pink blooms, that both look and taste fantastic. The blooms of the Eastern Redbud are actually edible, so if you plant one in your yard, you can enjoy the sight and smell, as well as have a handy salad topping grown right in your front yard.

White Fringetree

If you want a tree that is both compact and beautiful, the White Fringetree is a great option for you. With few growing to be taller than twenty feet, the White Fringetree takes up less room than other flowering trees when fully mature, but more than makes up for it with its densely collected white blossoms. The blossoms grow in clusters, giving the tree its name as its appears to be fringed with flowers in the spring.

White Dogwood

If you love the look of flowering trees, but are afraid of their occasionally temperamental natures, the White Dogwood is a great choice for you. Hearty and durable, the White Dogwood is sure to take well to your yard, and the gorgeous white blossoms it produces in spring can’t be beat.

Tulip Poplar

If you truly want a tree in your yard that exemplifies all the natural beauty that Kentucky has to offer, then look no further than the Tulip Popular. Recognized as the official state tree of Kentucky , the Tulip Poplar grows to be fairly tall, and earned its name because of the tulip-shaped blossoms it yields in the spring.

Have any of these trees captured your imagination? If so, contact The Tree Man in Lexington, Kentucky today for all of your tree planting needs. Our ISA certified arborists will be able to make sure that your tree is planted effectively, so that it will thrive in your yard long after the spring is over.

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