Tree Diseases and
Plant Health Care

Tree Diseases and Plant Health Care 2017-03-13T20:40:27-04:00
Plant Health Care (PHC) is a total health approach to landscape and plant health, of which the goal is to nurture and maintain a healthy growing environment for plants and trees.  It involves being able to accurately diagnose plant disorders, whether they are living (biotic) factors such as insects and diseases; or nonliving (abiotic) factors such as environmental and soil issues, among many others.  Plant Health Care can involve all of our service offerings, but tends to focus on the following specialties:

Insect and Disease Control

In order to eliminate active pest problems, treatment may be needed to control pests.  We prefer to use treatment methods that are low toxicity / low environmental impact whenever possible.
Emerald Ash Borer is of special concern.  EAB is an aggressive invasive beetle that has been killing Central Kentucky Ash trees by the thousands since 2012.  Injection methods have proven very successful when treatment is completed as a preventative, prior to attack and resulting canopy dieback.

Fertilization and Compost Teas

We improve tree health and vigor by focusing on improving soil quality and root system health, which results in a healthier tree over time.  Our custom organic fertilizers and compost teas are formulated to provide the most benefit to the trees, considering the soil types of Central Kentucky.

Soil and Root Remediation

Trees and plants growing in urban and suburban soils, or around homes where soil has been disturbed in the building process, are often limited by soil conditions and their growing environment.  Alleviating soil compaction or eliminating girdling roots are key in improving tree vigor and health.  We utilize the Supersonic Air Knife (link to DLTS page) as the tool of choice for this work.

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