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Planting trees is an integral part of our Arboriculture mission.  We know that Lexington has an aging and troubled tree canopy, so planting new trees is as important as ever.

Our ISA Certified Arborists believe the following three factors combine to create a long-term successful tree planting project:

  • Match the tree to the site. Each species of tree requires different growing conditions. Factors such as soil conditions should be considered prior to tree species selection.

  • Use high quality nursery trees. Not all trees are grown equally! We select only vigorous trees with proper branch structure and free of defects. Cheap, structurally defective trees will be short lived and potentially hazardous as they grow.

  • Plant each tree correctly. The root flare of each tree should be visible at the soil surface, wire basket and burlap removed, with mulch not piled on the trunk of the tree. We see a high percentage of trees that are “professionally” planted incorrectly.

Our nursery is stocked with a variety of the best proven shade and ornamental trees for Central Kentucky.  We provide competitive pricing estimates for providing and installing 1 tree or 100+ trees.

2”-3” caliper balled and burlapped trees are our speciality, however we also have the capability to transplant larger caliper trees or to plant young seedling-type trees to establish natural areas for nut production / pollinator benefit / wildlife benefit.

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